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The Smartest Approach To Treating Nail Fungus

The Smartest Approach To Treating Nail Fungus

If you’ve got a nail fungus infection you’ve probably heard that oral based prescription medications are available but have been linked to negative side effects, especially to the liver. It’s because of this that most people with a nail fungus infection (both toenails and fingernails can be affected, although toenails more often) decide to treat the infection by applying a topical nail treatment externally to the nail.

If your nail fungus is resulting in your nail becoming thicker, then make sure you spend the time to scrape away some of the surface nail layers before each treatment. Use a nail file and run this horizontally back and forth across the nail. This will help open up your nail to topical therapy and speed up the penetration of the treatment into the nail to treat the fungus.

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Always clean your nail carefully and dry them out completely before applying the nail treatment. Ensure you have read the application instructions very carefully and follow these. For some products, see this Funginix review for example, you will be required not only to apply the treatment to the nail but also to rub the product as deeply as possible into the nail creases on either side of the nail, into the cuticle and under the nail tip.

You’ll do best if you manage to stick to a regular therapy routine. After a few weeks you should see signs of a new healthy nail that is growing out. Keep treating the nail until a full nail cycle has been completed and there is no sign of fungus at all.

Fungi grow best in dark and damp environments so try and spend as much time as possible barefoot or in sandals. If its sunny, get your toes out in the sun. Sunlight will do wonders as will saltwater so a dip in the ocean should also be on your list.

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