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Being Overweight Can Affect Your Social Life

Being Overweight Can Affect Your Social Life

Recently I was invited by a long time friend to go duck hunting, he has a great cabin and it is always a lot of fun. We get to act like manly men shoot guns and drink beer and general be large children. We have been doing this for years (since I was 18) but this year I noticed how hard it is getting for me to trudge through the marshes as I am overweight and over 40 now.

I really need to lose some weight! At one point I got so tired I stopped and just picked up my hunting binoculars and actually watched my friends as I was just too exhausted. This made me stop and think, life is about good times with your friends and family and if your health is starting to affect the time you share with those people then you need to aggresively look at what you can do about it.

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Stay Fit With Fun Bike Rides

With New Years resolutions of losing weight and getting back to doing some form of exercise in high gear I am asking my readers to consider biking of some sort as a great way to exercise. You see one of the problems for many chronic dieters is that they hate exercise because it is so much work and not any fun, eventually they quit and gain back any loses.

The key to long term weight loss is exercise so you might as well find something fun to do instead of climbing stairs for 90 minutes how about a 2 hour bike trek with your spouse of partner? Just throw your bikes onto your hitch bike racks and drive off to the beach or a local park or recreation area. Have some fun and get fit while you are at it!

source :Obesity May Hamper Your Sexual And Social Life: Experts


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