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Best Acne Treatment-What is it

Best Acne Treatment-What is it

We have had a number of articles submitted and discussion have raged over the best acne treatment, many people will give you the same old routine.

  • Use a quality facial cleanser
  • Use a toner (optional)
  • Use a quality exfoliating scrub
  • Moisturize with a facial only lotion

I think the real question is, with what? And also is there anything else I need to know to get great skin.

Cure for saddle sores

For those equestrian riders out there sometimes saddle sores can be a problem, occasional you can develop saddle sores, either if you are a new rider and your body is not used to riding or if you have been riding more than usual.

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Possibly it can even be due to a change in your equestrian apparel, take the time to apply some petroleum jelly before the sore develops into a problem, remember folks an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! If you don’t follow this simple bit of advice then you may end up causing a significant and painful irritation due to the friction. Have fun, pick the right saddle,know your limit and wear appropriate equestrian apparel.

Carribean Women Have Great Skin What Is The Secret

I recently got back from a trip to Trinidad and Tobago in the Carribean, it was a lot of fun. Swimming, diving watching the musicians play the stainless steel drums, there is nothing quite like that sound.

I started to notice everywhere I looked that people there had amazing skin! What is the secret of all the healthy skin in the Caribbean Islands? Is it the skin pigment? Is it the humidity? I am still trying to figure this out, if anyone knows can you please comment?

source : Dermatologists On the Best Acne Treatments and Products


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