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Reasonable Skin Care Products

Reasonable Skin Care Products

I am starting a poll on websites with great deals on skin care products, I would like my readers to leave their votes in the comments for everyone else to read. Skin Care Products have gotten so expensive, instead of being stocking stuffers the are the actual gift now! A friend of mine lives overseas in Europe and she says that Max Studio products are about 3 times more expensive over there, she sent me a prepaid visa so I could buy her some product and mail it back.

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Buy Acne Solutions, Is this a good buy?

OK I was recently asked about my opinion on product. Well here is my honest opinion. For me it is simply a matter of price, skin car products are not cheap so I took a hard look at their selection which was good but also prices, which were very competitive. All in all I give the site a B for selection, a B+ for prices and a C for overall look and feel. But who care what the website looks like as long as the prices are right?

source : 26 skincare products we swear by for treating and preventing acne — all under $25


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