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Pure Hoodia For Rapid Weight Loss

Pure Hoodia For Rapid Weight Loss

Where is Pure Hoodia Grown

Pure hoodia has long been marketed for their weight loss properties and this has made the plant very popular among nutritionists and those who aim to lose weight. A lot of people sincerely believe that weight loss products having hoodia gordonii as one of its active ingredients are inferior and should be a must when it comes to achieving their weight loss goals. If you are someone who would want to start losing weight without having to go through the side effects that most weight loss products have then you should try taking pure hoodia gordonii.

What is Pure Hoodia

Hoodia gordonii is a plant similar to the cactus. It grows in groups of green upright stems and is often mistaken as a cactus due to the similarity of their looks. It has a pale purple flower which appears every five years. When the flower is in bloom this is the time when the plant can be harvested. Because it takes long for the plant to be harvested, the African governments limits the amount of Hoodia that is to be exported.

The popularity of pure hoodia started when San Bushmen from the Kalahari Desert claimed that they relied on the plant in order to ward off their pangs of thirst and hunger every time they go out to hunt and this has been going on for over a thousand years now. They claim to do this by cutting off the stem in order to eat the bitter tasting plant.

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It has been said that once you eat pure hoodia you will lose the desire to eat or drink for the whole day making it a good appetite suppressant.

Where to get Pure Hoodia

Pure hoodia can be found growing in abundance in the semi-deserts of Africa particularly in the Southern Regions. It can be found growing primarily in Botswana, Angola and Namibia.

You can find that hoodia gordonii can be sold in many forms and all these products are available in numerous health food stores and also online. You can get it in powder form, capsule form and liquid form.

Adding pure hoodia to your normal diet is not the same as adding chemicals or medicine to your system like most diet products would. Hoodia is all natural and contains no stimulants so it has no caffeine in its content either. Doctors and nutritionists consider the hoodia gordonii extracts to be safe.

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