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What to get for your man for Valentines day

OK, folks Valentines day is right around the corner, this is a big deal for my wife, here is a little note to all the ladies out their as far as what to get your man. First lets start which what we don’t want.

Don’t get us things you find cute, clothes we probably wont like, or romantic little sweet nothings that say funny things that have no real value.

Most importantly get us something that we will actually use after February 14th. I found a great website that has guy stuff at Personal Creations things like fine cigars, NFL Jerseys for there favorite team and even a leather beer holster something so legitimate man should be without.

Designer Nursing Scrubs

I came across this website with the coolest medical scrubs you see my sister is a dental assistant, she is also impossible to buy for her birthday as I am a guy dont have a clue as to what type of stuff she is interested in. Yet every time we get together for dinner or something she is wearing her scrubs from work.

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I know she will dig these medical scrub uniforms and buying scrubs is simple as their website is easy to navigate. To be totally honest I had no idea scrub stores were even out there, but with health care comprising 17% of our entire economy I am surprised that I never thought of it before.

Upgrade Your Memory

What is the cure to a slow computer? Sometimes it can be as simple as computer memory upgrade increasing the RAM allows your computer to work with more applications at one time without getting bogged down, if you have low RAM then often your entire system seems to hang taking forever to move from one page or application to the next when browsing. Time is money, and memory is cheap, why not invest in some computer memory which is the modern cure to a slow computer!

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