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Can The Hookah Pipe Cure the Common Cold

Can The Hookah Pipe Cure the Common Cold

Smoking the Hookah Pipe has been a tradition for 100′s upon 100′s of years in middle eastern culture, smoking was a social event that tribes or trading groups could do while discussing news, potential trade or maybe an arranged marriage. In fact the Hookah was even considered a cure many things including the common cold! When I am not so sure about that, depending on if they inhaled or not it might even have created a cough or two.

I have to admit it is nice to inhale the fragrant aroma of the shisha pipe while smoking.

Fragrant shisha can be purchased online in the USA and UK. Many of my friends enjoy stopping off at hookah bars after having a a nice dinner to chat, have a few cocktails and figure out where we will go on that night. Other times we might simply drop in for lunch at a medditerean restraunt that has a balcony hookah bar for a smoke and watch all the girls go by on the beach.

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Regardless of what the ambiance is when you hit up the hookah have fun with it dont over do it and know that is wont cure your cold but it just might cure what ails you if you are stressed out and in need of hanging out with friends.

Amazingly enough youcan find pipes for sale for as low as $60 online and tobacco is all over in price ranges, depending on how exotic it is, from very affordable to crazy for true aficionados. Just remember one thing, dont overdue it your first time, the tobaco is mellow and has a real pleasing aroma it is easy to keep puffing away. Go slow, go easy and find your way and just have fun with it I know I do, as if you could not tell.

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