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staying healthy with the right Resveratrol dosage

staying healthy with the right Resveratrol dosage

Can you resist if nature is offering you a gift of youthfulness and wellness? Well, that is what Resveratrol is made for. It is from the goodness of the skin and seeds of grapes and wine which ancient people discovered and have even 10 times anti-oxidant capacity than Vitamins C and E. It is also present in foods like apples, honey, peanuts and many others.

It has been proven to have a great effect in lowering your blood sugar level (especially for Diabetic people), weight reduction among obese (lessens the so called bad cholesterol known as LDL), boosts the immune system (to increase body’s primary defense), has an anti- aging effect which delays the aging process due to cell damage and it also promotes an increase sperm count among men. Due to its undeniable features in promoting health and prevention of illness, it has quite a stir. With proper management and right Resveratrol dosage, the power of astonishing wonder will pave the way for your reward.

You you must know about the right Resveratrol dosage

After a series of tests done by the researchers, studies show that the therapeutic level for humans is about 200 – 400 mg per day. You must take a note of the effects of taking an overdose of any drug because deviation from a prescribed intake can put one’s health into at greater risk. The best way to do is to consult the physician regarding what suits you because there is information that should be taken into consideration like weight and body build, for which an individual varies. There are also several tests that should be considered like one’s over all heath condition. As we all know, drugs that are taken inside will pass the different major organs of the body which can affect us in good or in a bad way. Therefore, having a routine examination is essential before having the desired Resveratrol dosage.

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Tips to embrace youthfulness with Resveratrol

First, always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Proper exercise and healthy diet are still the basic formula above all.

Second, have enough rest and sleep pattern. Stress and other age related diseases are always around us and will come through us. Allowing our body to rest will help us recharge throughout the tiring day. It is very important to note that relaxing is one of the body’s way of coping to different known stresses.

Third and last, avoid smoking because doing so can cause serious health hazards like thickening of blood which can make you prone to different vascular problems – stroke for instance.

Despite the imminent threat brought by aging, humans now have the power to manipulate it over time. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one now! Because Resveratrol have it all!!!

source : What to know about resveratrol


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